Whether you’re transferring from bbin信誉网站 to another college or university, 改变你的转会目标, 或者从你现在的学校转到BHC, you’ll find our people and resources to advise and launch you toward your next destination. 我们确实有转让权!





转移度: Earn an associate degree to complete the first half of your bachelor’s degree.

伊利诺伊州转学(IAI公司): Complete the Illinois Articulation Initiative’s general education course package accepted by 100+ Illinois transfer schools.

转移计划样本: 在决定转到哪里之前,先学习专业推荐课程.

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选择四年制学院或大学 -准备转学

探索高校: 在附近或更远的地方找到适合你的转学学校. 准备申请,发现奖学金,计划你的访问和更多.

规划指引及协议: 遵循转学路径到BHC合作学院或大学. View agreements for guaranteed and dual admission, scholarship programs and more.

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For students in Associate in Applied Science programs (AAS degrees) – including Associate Degree 护理 – and certificate programs who seek a bachelor's degree.

从职业培训项目转学: 把你的BHC课程转到一个特定的大学学位.

课程转学表及转学: 了解转校如何接受个人课程.





规划指引及协议: 使用课程和2+2指南顺利转移BHC学位.

课程转学表及转学: 了解转学学校如何接受个别课程.

探索高校: 查看通识教育要求和转学指针.

伊利诺伊州转学(IAI公司): Complete the Illinois Articulation Initiative’s general education course package accepted by 100+ Illinois transfer schools.





课程安排: 转学前先参加BHC的校内或网上课程.

在线AA学位: 完全在线获得文科副学士学位.

规划指引及协议: 将副学士学位转换为在线学士学位.

探索高校: 在网上找到所有转学学校提供的专业.




Completing an AA or AS degree has the benefit of program and/or course equivalency agreements which have been negotiated with four-year colleges and universities that allow you to transfer as a junior.

获得AA学位 also fulfills the lower division general education requirements of many transfer schools.

The AS degree includes slightly more math and science requirements than the AA does. 在大多数情况下, students transferring to an Illinois four-year college or university will complete lower division general education courses after transfer (one additional course in Humanities or Fine Arts and one additional course in Social and Behavioral Sciences).  Some schools automatically evaluate an AS course-by-course (including Augustana College).  If you are unsure which degree is best for your plans, select the AA and then talk with your advisor.

The AAS degree prepares students for immediate employment following program completion. The AAS emphasizes field-specific training combined with about a semester of general education courses.  学生 in AAS and career Certificate programs who think they may want to transfer should talk with their advisor about selecting general education courses. 请参阅转移清单和计划指南 从职业项目转学.

Both degrees require 60 credits to complete, but there are slight differences. AA包括完整的 IAI公司通识教育核心课程. 而AS对数学和科学课程的要求略高, students have the option to take a couple of additional courses at BHC or after transfer (to an Illinois institution) if they want to also complete the IAI公司 GECC.

Check with a bbin信誉网站 advisor to see if the AA or AS best meets your transfer goals.

使用 课程转学表 & Transferology 了解课程如何转换. 如果你没有看到转学学校的名单, contact the registrar at your transfer school or contact a bbin信誉网站 advisor at ADVQC@bhc.寻求帮助.

你可以开始你的教育 样本转移计划 和BHC的顾问讨论你的目标. 因为转学学校对专业的要求各不相同, 你应该尽快选择转学学校. We recommend having a short list of transfer schools by the time you complete 30 credits.

Most colleges and universities will allow you to transfer at least 60 community college semester hours and some BHC transfer partners will accept more credits. It’s important to learn not only how many credits will transfer but how many will be applied to your major requirements. 所有转学学校也都有“居住”要求, meaning minimum hours must be earned at their institution (many require 30 hours, 有的更多,有的更少). Discuss your transfer school ideas with your BHC advisor to decide when it’s best to transfer and 探索高校.

在你计划转学的学期前一年申请. Most colleges and universities have application deadlines by which the admission application and all supporting documents (transcripts, 文章, 等.)必须提交. The deadline is often two to five months prior to the start of the term you start, but some schools allow students to apply as late as a few weeks before classes begin. 但不建议等待 – 早期应用! 也要检查一下你的转学学校什么时候需要你的经济援助信息.

Most colleges and universities determine your eligibility for admission based on your college record once you’ve earned a specified number of college credit hours (usually 12-30 hours).  如果你转学的学分更少, you will be asked to follow freshman admission requirements including providing your high school transcript.

After you apply to your transfer school you should send any supporting documents required such as your college transcripts. 按照转学学校清单上的说明.  You should also complete financial aid and scholarship applications and begin making housing arrangements if you will be living away from home. 注意你什么时候应该参加迎新培训, 注册并支付课程费用, 搬到校园去.

Complete the FAFSA and any school-specific scholarship applications by the stated deadlines. Earning excellent grades will also improve your chances of earning a merit scholarship, 哪一个是根据你的平均成绩自动授予的. 你的GPA越高,你就有资格获得更多的钱. 参加 Phi Theta Kappa荣誉协会 而在BHC可能有资格获得额外的奖学金.

仔细查看转学学校的一般经济援助网页, as well as their transfer admissions page and the department pages for your major. 这些地方可能会有不同的奖学金机会. Also ask the admission staff about other sources of funds the college may offer transfer students such as campus visit awards, 早期FAFSA申报者, out-of-state-student奖, 等.

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